Clutter is a word that is used to describe an untidy collection of things that cover or fill something.  Whether it’s a problem or not depends on you because everyone’s tolerance level for clutter is different. Some people like their space to be minimalistic and others like to have their belongings around them. Both options are not a problem unless it is negatively impacting your mental and physical well-being.

Research studies have identified that clutter causes excess stimuli, this makes it harder to relax mentally and physically as it signals to our mind that there is still work to be done.  It also may impact on a someone’s creativity and productivity and has been proven to cause stress resulting in high Cortisol levels (Cortisol is a stress hormone).

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, depressed or frustrated, then you are already aware that clutter is negatively impacting your life.  To what degree it affects you is now possible to measure through a self-assessment tool that was developed by The Institute for Challenging Disorganization® in conjunction with Dr Catherine Roster PhD – The University of New Mexico.  It’s called the ICD – Clutter Quality of Life Scale and provides the opportunity for an individual to measure the consequences of clutter on their life.  There are four categories that the assessment focuses on including Social, Emotional, Livability and Financial impacts of clutter around them.

As a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® (CPO-CD®) I regularly use this tool to gain insight as to how the client actually feels about the clutter around them and then to create goals that will reduce the impact of clutter in the relevant area.  I also use this tool to track a client’s progress as we work together as it is motivating for them to see on paper the positive difference that decluttering and organising is having on their life.

Curious to try it out for yourself?  Then you can complete the self-assessment online via the following link ICD – Clutter Quality of Life Scale and the results will be emailed to you from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization®.  The information provided is anonymous and may be used by ICD® to provide further information for additional research studies in the future.

If you want to take the next step and do something about the clutter in your life, then I am happy to have a chat.  You can contact me on mobile 0409 183 190.