A Professional Organiser is always organised with an immaculate home and office.

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Nothing happened did it. That’s because the answer is both.

Everyone has issues at some point with clutter, including Professional Organisers.   This article is not answering any questions on ‘how to get organised’ it’s about looking for the underlying reason to understand how the clutter occurred.  When the cause is understood then a solid, long lasting solution can then be put into place to assist in preventing the situation from re-occurring.

My own clutter horror story was my garden shed. It holds my gardening and home DIY tools, however it wasn’t organised and it was not functional as things had been tossed in, pushed aside, the first picture tells it all.

Now you may be inclined to immediately cast a harsh judgement however I invite you to be just a little bit curious and to consider how and why it got this way?

As a Professional Organiser I am curious and to really assist my clients, I go beyond what I see and find out what the real sticking point is. If I don’t look for the underlying cause then the clutter and chaos will return and nothing will be resolved.  The same applied to my own situation.

For me the story is very simple. It was a tidy and  organised space until one morning, when I opened the door and walked straight into a spider web!    Face covered in sticky goo, frantically thrashing about  I ran screaming from the scene.  From then on anytime I needed anything from the shed, I would check the entry, quickly grab what I needed and when finished, throw it back inside.

So before a big clear out could begin, my fear of lurking spiders needed to be addressed. A pest control bomb was the answer.  This meant that I could be fairly certain of not encountering any more 8 legged fiends as I completed the de-cluttering, sorting and organising process.

To ensure a continued pest free environment, an outdoor surface spray was also applied and a portable solar light installed so I can always see what I am walking into. The end result is a tidy functional space and peace of mind knowing that my integrity has been restored.

There are many different catalysts just like the spider that can upset the normal balance resulting in things getting out of hand. Whether it is a new baby, a family trauma, recent illness, busy work schedule, moving homes or jobs, a Professional Organiser can help you to break free of the overwhelm and get your stuff and your life back in order.