It’s hard to let go of something if you think it’s going to be thrown away or not valued and it’s a common concern for my client’s. They have made the decision to let an item go however they can’t until they know where it can go and be used and appreciated.  

This is when my knowledge and experience can be hugely beneficial in the de-cluttering process.  I take the time to find the right home for items that can be donated or recycled.  For example;

  • Children’s clothes and toys to Eureka Mums
  • Food and carry bags to Ballarat Soup Bus
  • Blankets and towels and animal food donations to Wala Animal Sanctuary
  • Wool donations for Kogo and Uplift bras at local drop off points
  • Craft products for local kindergartens and art therapy groups
  • Pharmaceutical drugs to local chemist for responsible disposal
  • Ballarat Transfer Station for free recycling of steel, computers, paper, cardboard,   batteries, paint, household chemicals, fluorescent light.
  • Pots and gardening equipment to local community gardens
  • Ink cartridges, mobile phones and computer equipment recycled through Office Works
  • Cars, caravans, motorcycles, even if they are not working

As part of the service that I provide I take away and drop off these donations to community groups that appreciate and use these items directly within their organization. I do all of this to make the process of letting go easier for my clients and to reduce the impact of decluttering on the environment, which makes a huge difference to everyone.

If chaos and clutter is getting you down because you don’t know where it should go, then give me a call to discuss.