When lockdown restrictions came into place most of the charities and community organisations that I support with donations of goods also shut down. This meant that my garage was starting to look a bit chaotic and every time I drove in it made me cringe but I would close the door and not do anything until the next time I went into the garage.  Sound familiar?  So while I had time on my hands I got busy and redesigned my storage needs, sorted out the items into category ready for when I could begin to drop off donations again.

Assess the situation

The current racks were great for organising extra wardrobe space, however they were not suitable for my garage organising needs.  The vertical height was being utilised however it wasn’t functional as items were stacked on top of each other making it difficult to access. There was limited shelf space that wasn’t designed to hold any weight.  The large tea chest size boxes were full of organising products, bubble wrap, newspaper, pens and bags which were also hidden away.  The height also felt oppressive and heavy to me so finding a solution for this was also important for me.

The Solution

Writing down a list of charities and categories and how many tubs I might need for each allowed me to identify I would need 12 storage tubs. In the sorting process all the donatable items were kept however I did edit some of the organising products and determined some would need to go.

I then looked at what racking system I would need and decided I needed low and long shelving, that would fit 12 storage tubs, and also provide a flat surface on the top so that I could pull the boxes out to sort into when needed. I choose to use the Rack It 400kg racking system available from Bunnings.  They were quick and easy to assemble with just one person and are strong and flexible to changing easily in the future if needed.

Hot Tip!

Each brand of storage tubs have different measurements, even if they state that they hold the same amount, e.g. 52 litres.  So make sure you check the measurements of the tubs as part of the assessment process.

The Result

A clean streamlined storage solution.  Each tub can be easily accessed, there is space to sort on top and the low height means that it no longer looms large above me when I drive in.  It also meant that as soon as the charities were open again to receive the donations, like Eureka Mums, Ballarat Soup Bus and local art therapists, I could easily grab the box, load them into bags or boxes and drop them off.

If you have a space that makes you cringe when you see it, then give me a call. Always happy to chat about your organising needs.