When our loved ones leave us and pass on to the next life, the pain of our grief and loss is immense.  So, when faced with the prospect of sorting through hundreds of items that have been collected over a lifetime, the task can be overwhelming and seem impossible to address.  What often happens is that many items are placed in boxes to sort through later.  These boxes are then stored out of site, in garages or storage units where they may become damaged, neglected and forgotten.

Creating a shrine is a way of honouring and remembering our loved ones who have passed on.  It also provides a place of reflection and healing for ourselves as we navigate the rocky road of grief. When we choose the items that best represent who they were, what they loved and what we loved about them, the rest of the items can easily be let go of.  The focus then turns on finding a way to display these sacred items that is meaningful and heartfelt.

One of my clients recently shared with me the shrine she had created for two very special ladies in her life, her mother and grandmother.  When the shrine was first created it was overloaded and you couldn’t appreciate any of the details, however while working together she was able to choose only the very best to stay.  On a metal sign with the word Jardin, French for Garden, she hung these precious items.   Silk flowers and pearls that her mother wore to dances, stained glass ornaments that represented her grandmother, the jewellery that they both had worn and they had a combined love of gardens.  We both shed tears of joy as we realised that this exquisite collection was in fact a Garden of Memories.

Picture shared with permission.  Client name withheld for privacy.