Organised by Sue





WELCOME and Thank You for visiting me here.        I’m Sue Ryan CPO-CD®

I’m curious to know what has brought you here? Do any of the following situations apply to you?

  • You feel trapped and stressed by the amount of stuff you have and you don’t know where to start, let alone know how to finish
  • A wardrobe stuffed with clothes crammed in so tight you struggle to get anything in and out of it
  • Spare room is a dumping ground for stuff and you just can’t use it for any functional purpose
  • You’ve been unwell and things have gotten out of control
  • You have a creative space for sewing, arts and crafts however by the time you find what you are looking for the inspiration to create something has vanised
  • Your kitchen pantry and cupboards are over flowing with gadgets and duplicate items
  • You can’t get in your garage and your car is parked on the street
  • Storage containers that you don’t know what to do with so you just keep paying the rent
  • Thinking of Downsizing your home and are overwhelmed with your Lifetime Of Stuff and Treasures

There may be many other reasons that have brought you here, and I’m glad that you did because I would be delighted to speak with you to find out how I can assist you in achieving the organised results that you desire.

I am based in country Victoria and service Regional Victoria including Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong and Melbourne by appointment.



Sue was very helpful while we decluttered my late mother’s home. She was considerate and non-judgemental of the pace and way our family wanted to work. Sue was respectful and trustworthy but also kept us on task in a good humoured way. It was especially useful that Sue helped to dispose of items after we had decluttered. It saved us a lot of time not having to drive around to op shops, waste transfer stations, metal and e-waste disposals. I would recommend Sue to anyone needing assistance organising and decluttering. Thank you Sue, you made a difficult task much easier and more pleasant



I have just recently decluttered and organised my entire home. I engaged Sue from Organised By Sue to do this job and I was very impressed with the way she performed this task. Nothing was too much trouble, she took care of the disposal of rubbish and delivered all items donated to charity to the appropriate places. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her to anyone considering decluttering and organising.

Daina Hall


When Sue is sorting my stuff with me, she is fun, pleasant, calm, methodical and gets amazing results. Always arrives on time and takes away stuff I decide that I no longer need, out of my place, out of my sight and out of my life. Sue helped me sort the physical paperwork and items in my home office so that it is calm and efficient office in which to work, and everything has a place – to be easily found when needed. I”ll be engaging Sue again to help me digitise paper records and sort other digital items I have in my computer and other hard drives. I recommend Sue.

Lorraine Huddle

Director, Heritage Intelligence Pty Ltd

Thank you so much for being so calm and giving and for just being you.

I am very organised usually, but I now have three major keepers thanks to you.

1. Validation to hold on to the things that nurture me – my writing.
2. Clear cut strategies to cut down on the wealth of paper in my office.
3. Best of all, a vision for what my office could look like in the future


Thank you so much! I am so happy right now. I cannot believe those boxes are unpacked. No more stress about getting that space organised. Just cannot believe it. Thank you so much for what you do – perfect!



Sue put me right at ease right from the start. Sue is a great listener and took the time to really understand what I wanted and worked out what would work for me.  She kept me on task, one thing at a time and I now know where everything goes.  I’m a single dad, and I am already seeing the benefits that being more organised has for my two boys. The days of searching for household items, and getting stressed about it are gone. I feel I can become an even better parent/role model thanks to the new skills Sue has trained me in. Its never to late to learn, and I also gained a life lesson that it is actually ok to make myself vulnerable and accept help – Dean Ballarat



I was so very anxious before Sue arrived but she put me at ease in no time.  She is warm, calm and friendly and made it so easy for me.  All the things that were weighing me down she took away for me, like the old TV for recycling and all the items for donation.  Even though I am on a pension, she was worth every cent, it would have taken me weeks or months to do what she did in just 2 short sessions.  I am so relieved to have it all done.  Thank you Sue, you are a beautiful, brilliant efficient lady and an organising angel.



Organised by Sue … What a relief! My home feels calm, orderly and has uncluttered space. I feel calmer and happier too. Sue is kind, professional, calm, non judgemental but firm and has a great sense of humour. Who would have thought de-cluttering could be fun? It was, and all the unnecessary accumulation of years whisked away and dealt with by her capable hands. Many thanks Sue.


We have been very happy with what you’ve done for us especially over such a busy time as Christmas. It was such a load off our shoulders to have you deal with emptying the house. This was so particularly for Nina as her brother was very unwell at the same time. Nothing was too much trouble for you and it was a real relief to not have to deal with the extra tasks like getting a locksmith.

Rick and Nina