How many of you started the year with setting your New Year’s resolution? You remember being so energised and committed to achieving your ultimate goal of losing weight, getting fit or finally getting around to organising your home. Now weeks later it seems like it’s never going to happen and you are left feeling guilty about yet another failed attempt.

This has certainly been my own experience in the past, so this year instead of loading myself up with a backpack full of guilt, I’m focusing on what I can do. Looking for the small steps I can easily make each day towards changing my behaviour to achieve my goal. For me it’s about being healthy so I’m looking at what one small thing I can do each day that will make a difference. It might be drinking more water, walking just that little bit further than I did yesterday, or having less sugar in my coffee. Each day I then take the next step towards achieving my goal.

By focusing on what ‘you can do’ creates a positive experience and you will be more inclined to remain focused on your overall goal. Remember to congratulate yourself for each small step you take. The smallest step you take today is a step in the right direction.